Wednesday, 2 February 2011


"You already know the truth"
You scream so fucking loud your anguish in your room,
In front of me I hear your voice chortle and lilt,
You inflame my eyes and stir my imagination.
Out the window was thrown a water balloon
Which landed square on a target who was not pleased at all,
In fact so displeased that he stayed outside my door for 3 hours
Hoping my laugher would subside and I'd come out and feel his fist to my face.
The touch I was denied that keeps me wondering till the early hours.
The gash that becomes a scab that becomes a scar 
that becomes a pattern across the face of a beautiful girl or boy.
Two strangers who never meet but walk along the same beach together
feeling the sea lap at their toes share a glance - terror, lust, inspiration.
Waking one morning to find you are no longer in love,
that life has a tinge of a different taste.
Scenes on the television showing the uprising of a nation,
the power of an idea whether the idea be understood or not,
pride or anger sweeping like a virus infecting everything.
"Never leave me"
The look of blood pouring from a wound that inspires so many other feelings,
guilt or retribution, fear or resolve.
The feeling of a lover sleeping beside you, 
the sound of their breath almost keeping you from sleep.
"You can be whoever you want to be"
Words written on a page 
and then dashed at the feelings of inadequacy that they inspire.
Arrogant boy being proud of admitting he's arrogant sticks his tongue out at my confusion.
Your sweet voice that never fails to curl my lips.
"I can't do this anymore"
My sweaty feet that stick out the bottom of the bed and chatter back at me.
the moment that is not silent 
but so profoundly without sound that it stays with you longer than any noise.
The look of a tear on the face of a friend.
The sound of a cigarette burning in the night air.
The phone call you never answer.
The fuck you or the I love you or the two fingers or the fuck that makes you change.