Monday, 24 September 2012


words words words
my sword
my love
my hope
there are so many words from which to choose to cure your blues
deep furrows made with words
waves of words
word by brick by word by brick
walls of words
puddles of words
growing words healing words dying words

so many words from which to choose
i cant seem to get them in the right order

to get through to you

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Forever freedom

I've felt life lightly. I've felt blethering heart strings tickle my throat and brush my face. I've felt silken light palm my hands from a far. And I've felt the very cells of my skin shake with fear, my eyelids collapse and invert at the imminence of the unknown. I've thrown myself to the ground, to the window, with no hope of a second chance. I've conjured emotions never charted by Hollywood. And still I know there is more to see. I demand there is more to see. I demand to feel, I demand to express. I demand my fellow man experience life to it's fullness and I demand he hold my hand. I demand to live the life I want. I am but a fraction of myself if I cannot have this freedom, to the point that freedom scares me. I must bathe in and relish this fear. This fear is all I have to keep my mind from the shadows. I must usher my heart and my thirst for knowledge into the light. So broken as I may be, I must always seek adventure and demand the clear sight of my brother. Forever freedom.