Monday, 31 May 2010

Like a Child

Never just an unmade bed but a sock stuck to the duvet,

beat the beat the beat in my ear running through my fingers

lost clothes and accessories of a pig farm, rotten thought with sharpened tongue and dulled wit

searing suggestion and anticipation, reach up reach. reach.

in a tree high above the ground that looks so small and useless when the sky looks so big and attainable.

power behind me licking at my back and my feet

Lost in a haze, mellow and confusing, easing pleasing

escape or awake

Monday, 24 May 2010

Into the Sun

I stare into the sun, I stare into the sun
I feel my heart raise to support my head as I stare into the sun.

Burning deep to the core. of me. into my mind and my memories,
many faces are lit up and i am confused and displaced.

My face is brightly lit, I am naked in my stasis.
An orange haze dresses my hearts desires,

each person on that road so specific to the palate,
And they too stare into the sun.

I stare into the sun, help me stare into the sun.

I fight the need to look away from the skin that slides off his face,
those bones that hold up a man become a cage before my eyes

and what release? We must stare into the sun.

I long for a taste in my mouth that points away from the sun,
But I will stare into the sun. I will stare into the sun.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Of late my emotions have flooded the moments. At least the moments I remember. Mostly music has been the instigator. The instigator of a feeling which I long to embrace more wholly than I have done before. I listen to the music which I feel comes close to defining ecstasy or absolute freedom, music which embodies relinquishment of fear, music which penetrates the heart, the soul, the mind and that other faculty which I cannot name or aptly describe but which enriches every molecule of my physical body and each segment of my spirit.