Monday, 18 January 2010

A Wish

What if I could offer you absolute freedom?
What if you wouldn't be judged for your inner most thoughts?
Would you tell me something you've never told me before?
Would you allow yourself the journey of a forbidden thought?

In days past I've thought your eyes were trying to tell me something,
I've thought about a hundred different statements your might want to declare,
The best ones are to do with me.

If at any moment you could be in touch with your most honest heart
Would I see you spread your arms and transcend yourself?

Sitting on a chair, head in hands
Smiling a familiar smile, looking into a brick wall, a mirror.

A millions hearts all following their own desires causing chaos far and wide,
Out of this chaos might we extract some order?
I hear the chirp of quiet satisfaction
I hear the roar of final deliverance.

Claim freedom from the society which defines you,
Freedom for yourself excluding all others.
Can you be specific with your own philosophy?
Can you offer yourself the freedom to change the book you read from?

Your eyes are beautiful, let them run deep.

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Flat to flat.
Door to door.
Thoroughfare through thoroughfare.
We travel the padded satin and the beautiful retched cliffs.
I will travel far, I will escape the well trodden road.
This cape of knowledge that I cherish will hide me from purveyors of evil.
I have faith.
Faith in the eyes of another,
Your eyes reflect my face and I know now your eyes are the same as mine.
For you cannot know more than the wind,
Or feel deeper than the sea.
In our shared ignorance of the inspiration for nature
And our awe of the vast expanse
We will find enrichment.
We will find ourselves.
We will find each other.
We will find the ability to feel and share joy.

Monday, 11 January 2010

To Work

Tartan blankets filling my gaze
misshapen pillows from last nights dreams
nature defeating the will.
soon to scramble for the shower again
hair can wait another day
same jeans as yesterday again.
and on the train to work
To work when I could be studying the world map and figuring out which airport to fly to
when i could be poaching eggs and layering on the salmon
when i could be learning from Rimbaud how to unleash youth with decisive power
when i could be searching myself and my work with intentions of distillation
when i could be lying in the snow to find out how long one can stand numbness
when i could be watching pictures, seeing fragments merge into momentary perfection for the senses
when i could be staring into their faces
when i could be getting myself into dirty trouble
when i could be against a wall sniffing at regret
when i could be eating hungrily at the flesh of consolation
when i could be driving my forehead into the air with the idea that at speed i might surprise natural motion and knock myself out with approving joy
when i could be under water kicking for life and for affirmation
when i could be sitting with my head in a lap making a memory into god
when i could be winning at the most unlikely game of cards
when i could be cursing those who have wronged me with absolute conviction
when i could be philosophizing with a stranger in a dark corner with wine stained lips and hips
when i could be running across the Ponte Vecchio, through the Uffizi with arms out stretched
when i could be exuding an idea of style with intention to unnerve
when i could be telling my favorite joke to group that fail to see the laugh
when i could be hurting so much i am reminded of my physicality in the world
when i could be thrashing and kissing and smoking
when i could be failing
when i could be sitting at a wooden bar in the south of ireland sitting next to an estranged uncle who assuredly speaks english
when i could be listening to the rain diffusing on the window
when i could be

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Prayer

I was standing on the rocks. 
Away from the shore and the lapping tide.
Away from the foaming waves, the torrential dance.
Away from the pebbles, the shells,
Away from the collected crap of aluminum cans and worn but still branded plastic packets.
I was standing by the rocks, high above the sea.
Under the same sky that contorted before my eyes,
Under the sky that stretched out before me and was pink at the end.
Under the sky that had seen infinite mornings but always with a new face.
Under the sky, the most beautiful arc of colour and deliberate undertaking.
I remained there among the rocks attempting to pin point the horizon
The space was vast and foreboding and the world dark around the edges.
Out of the dark came a great man.
His body engaged, his mind resolute.
His muscled arms hauled a huge red iron pillar, at least twenty or thirty meters in length.
On its side, as it made its laborious journey, the pillar seemed to split the sky from the sea,
The sky now was penetrable, I watched as the source of my anxiety was reframed,
Was mocked or hailed?
Was challenged or paid homage?
Was courted or ignored?
The sun creeping through gaps in the clouds, reflecting off the pillar making it into a beacon
A manmade beacon juxtaposed with all of natures beauty and omnipotence.
When the man arrived at the center of the scene he stopped
He noticed the varying colours of blue and grey and green in the water
He noticed the plastic packets floating in the foam
He noticed the houses in the distance which were sprinkled along the shore
He noticed the shells and pebbles at his feet
He noticed me now sitting on the rocks behind him
He noticed the sound of the breeze as it hurried through his hair, his fingers
He noticed the slowing of his heart after his exertions
He noticed his mind nagging him to complete his task.
And the man once again picked up the vast pillar, this time holding it vertically.
He raised it high above his head.
My heart raced, would the man dishonor this scene?
With one mighty movement he drove the pillar deep into the ground
It would never move again.
He stood back and took in the pillar in the landscape, standing alone for the first time.
He was satisfied with his prayer for humanity.
He moved off with strength and nobility, leaving the scene the way he had entered it.
Again I was alone and I found that I was no longer by the rocks
I was walking, running down toward the sea, toward the pillar.
I arrived at the pillar, standing at the base and looked up
I saw the sky and it seemed closer to me now.
I sat on the ground and leant against the pillar and looked out,
I saw the sea and it seemed closer to me now.
I stood with my back against the pillar and I stretched out my arms
I felt the air supporting me,
I felt the sand beneath me supporting me
I felt the sound of the sea supporting me
I felt the movement of the clouds supporting me.
I stood on the beach and I felt complimented by the stature and integrity of the elements.
I felt my soul reflect the sea and the sky.
I felt I too could be vast.
I felt I too could be beautiful.
I left I too could be powerful.
I felt I too could be content.
I felt I too could be empowered by the cycle of life.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Rise Up

He must be trapped, strapped to his bed
I know he's dyin' to be dancin',
He is the same Empress we all once knew
Movin' into the beat by osmosis.
Tasty cheek tappin' on my table,
Everything is on the line now
Done it did it do it.

Monday, 4 January 2010


mum goes back to work tomorrow.
seems like she is always going back to work.
the washing machine is singing at me, still don't know how to turn it off though.
The snow outside is shoveled away again, it's marvelous.
The driveway is clear.
I wonder what she will teach her class tomorrow,
How to tell time or to eat with a fork.
The rudimentary has become very alluring of late,
alluring like sexy, sexy to be intwined in your on mission of discovery,
of self, only to find that black is much the same is white.
Which lips for me?
Yours? Maybe. Or not, you get a say of course, and I wouldn't accuse you of malignancy
because today mum is teaching geography, biology the morra.
history does make for more tender roots - in our own history, which perhaps we fabricate according to our needs.
History is written by the victors, and by those with an unknowledgeable audience.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New York

I dream of New York
I dream of the smell along sixth street, little india
The sharp bite of winter at your cheeks, slowly crushing your fingers,
Your hand still buried deep in her grasp.
Walking in chelsea extending your eyes and imagination into the hotel on 23rd street.
Sitting in a restaurant on king street, willing my beautiful Patti to venture out of her home.
Fur coats in soho, rushing clothes rails and flashing cameras, beautiful elegant girls
Sitting on a bar stool sipping red wine, or coffee, or erbal tea
Smooth legs to their armpits.
The smell of time square and the rush from the subway to the theater,
Leaving the theater hopefully hopeful and not disappointed. 
Eating 24 cent noodles, two packets for dinner, and another because they taste good.
Decorating another crummy apartment, feeling joyful.
All those inspired people that changed the world.
Huge piles of fruit at whole foods and fish and mountains of cheese, in individual plastic tubs.
The angelica cinema, weeping alone at another film, breathing deeply walking back to the apartment, glad to look up.
I dream of hours in Barnes and Noble, buying another poetry book when all those others on the red bookshelf at home remain unfinished.
The magnolia bakery, and sitting at a chess table eating a cupcake in the shade.
Uptown! Above 14th street, like a day trip to another city taken only once every two months.
Corn and batted eyelashes from those girls all dripping with personality. And the man in the top hat across the street, painting another daft pop art monstrosity. 
I dream of that wonderful solitude that only a city like new york can offer, alone in the park, part of a community of peace and silence for as long as you choose.
My love, with dinner on the table and surprises in the wings.
Treats on west broadway, getting lost in china town.
Burgers in corner bistro, beers thrown down the bar.
Dollar oysters in the lower east side and Decent wine in my favourite restaurant in the world.
Meeting strangers of fame and monopolizing a Karaoke booth!
Spending money which you dont have on booze or fancy dinner or another item of clothing.
Magic hour, following in the footsteps of my hero.
Truly living a dream.
I love to love New York.