Friday, 19 March 2010

Because of the Living

Because I may sit among you I light my soul for a look in your eye,
Because I may distinguish your expression from a thousand others I climb high out of the earth to risk a fall,
Because your laugh mixes with the squeals found in nature I furrow the earth of my heart and I take you in as my own.
Because the dirt may stick to your skin, blemish your holiness, exude your confusion, because I can feel your hand squirm in mine or grab me in need or release me with exactitude I bare my face, my body and I take relish in the sound of my voice echoing in the field,
Because your soft thighs thrust with such vitality and lust I shave my head to feel the air closer to my innards,
Because the sound of your song fills my soul with such gentle murmurs and vibrates in my memory whenever I wish, I throw myself to the bluest sea and I swim till exhaustion to the glorious shore,
Because your sweat mixes with sin and the saintly, because you speak of love and passionate revenge, I colour my mind with unimaginable pride and fear and luxurious wealth of self,
Because you expel breath against my neck and leave footprints in the mud I raise my arms to the sky and I thrash relentlessly in the beauty of the unimpinged reach of humanity.

Saturday, 13 March 2010


I am not a mindless automaton 
I thank god, I thank fuck,
Fuck that is the beginning of all things.
I am not a mindless automaton
and my mind wanders
when I smell her perfume
drifting across the room
or dancing around my neck. 
The breeze releases me from silence
and I remember
the natural form of my shoulders
my hips
and my eyes relax for humanity.
I stop and fall down
and instead of getting up
I might lay for a while
until I feel the earth under my nails
and the day has changed colour
and the people have eaten a meal
and some god has been thanked
and some innocent has been educated
and some unity has been made
and I have been filled with breath.
I am not a mindless automaton
and I desire a new taste in my mouth
and a texture that will repudiate my senses.
Though I have thorns in my side and citrus
in my wounds
I seek no revenge,
I balance with their lack of remorse
and we fill the space where a relationship might be
with interest in other things.
I am no mindless automaton
and in the lane I notice
the broken bottles
and the ants scurrying home
and one lonely glove
and I notice a puddle of piss
that surely belongs to the man shuffling ahead of me
with the torn green plastic jacket.
I am no mindless automaton
and I can pause where ever I choose.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

after it all

First realizations of lust creeping along the sofa
with you cracking the whip
Laughs begin to bubble before they can be sure they are amused
A coy radiance chances to awaken the senses
The moment plays host to a wave of alteration
and finally our eyes meet with sharpened intent
glazed over inhibition and one imagination

At once I am torn
I long to stay at this inception and reconcile with uncertainty
Yet I wish this intoxicated haze would lift
so I could see us through a clear lens
Back down the rabbit hole
and I'm happy just to lay with you
But we don't
And in your grasp I find again my humanity
and everything is stripped away
In this simplicity there is nothing to speak
and I hold your gaze long and delicately

I leave before the morning 
and one night remains unsoiled by too much thought
Should we meet again
I know I'll have only the moment
and my senses
to rely on

Monday, 8 March 2010

So long, my friend

I deleted you from my phonebook
I'll not make you squirm anymore
While you enhanced my fantasy
I see now I've been playing out the same story
for weeks
I merely crave inception and with you
the dawn was always bright red
But this ground hog day must find a close
because its wearing me down
Your imaginary lips are becoming coarse
I might become bitter but I prefer to simply change
Change the angle of my view
the target of my tongue
I might say we missed out
but I'll not hold you over a barrel
My mind is fleeting and my hands
relinquish quickly a squirming prize
I kiss the air and and I gesture 'so long'