Friday, 27 January 2012

Circle up circle down

Deep down here no one sees you,
Eyes wide and demanding,
The mirror is clouded or dusty
Irreverent of ridicule,
Ears play a single song over and again.

Sense the sour bitter sweet familiar.
Ice melts solid once more,
Water fails to wash and the heart is betrayed again.
A thousand beautiful iridescent raindrops
Tease the ground at foot
The shower is relentless and the force is not quite overpowering
I bask in its honesty.

Thighs push slowly,
The power of the foot long forgotten
Waist high
The head also relinquished to the moment.
Thighs still pushing pulling pushing pushing
Seemless is the subtext.

Small is the subtext
Realisation so close yet so far
But to realise
To step with the forgotten foot
To run
To swim and kick and run
And burst
To burst
Forget the shadow an burst into the light
Forget the small
Put wide eyes to good use
Attack the glaze

Old sleep finds bone and muscle again.
Sleep in the sun.
Look for us in the sun.

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