Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Good Dick

My dear friend Marianna Palka made a beautiful movie called Good Dick, after seeing the movie she invites viewers to share 'what good dick means to you'.

Smallest etchings are made into the disruption, a pinked hand shakes off the shroud and reveals honest bewilderment.
Tears soaked up by the skin of a loved one, lying in the cradle of their neck and being gifted with love and insight.
A great fire of eradication, walls of a long dead city crumble and a white dust cloud settles on unblemished skin, healing and invigorating.
Freedom is awarded by a bold sword; relinquished fear now burns at our feet and guides us on, infusing our fancy.
Old masks disintegrate into the atmosphere and join together to create a huge dirt pile that with determination will fit into a locket for cherishing and consideration.
Most profound grief becomes a tool with which to light the way, to hold up to the battered faces of others and draw them out of a sinking universe.
Cathartic experience, distortion of role and finally owning a footprint; taking a place and holding steadfast.

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  1. good dick was on the new release shelf in my neighbourhood blockbuster! cute cover too!