Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Instead of Sleep

In the deepest navy of night, a sapphire shadow tip toes round my bed chamber,
Considered steps disturb the dust and whisper to me in my sleep.
A light, forgiving breeze opens the window and licks at my feet;
My heart skips a beat in my chest and my dreams light up in brightest magenta,
My naked body lies between the darkened sheets, unaware as the shadow grips the bed post.

A moment frozen in time, a forever sleep, under the watchful gaze of an elusive face.
Relish the seeming endlessness of peaceful regeneration amid a mystic night,
With the passing of each breath uncertainty grows and takes me higher.

Now glowing, the sapphire shadow drags her finger across my lips, my dream erupts;
The finger traces the features of my face, i feel it pulsing against my skin, warm soothing.
Now a palm of great strength pushes down slowly against my belly, 
I feel blood rush to my face, My heart beat remains steady; my dream alternates.
And the shadow grabs at my skin, pinching flesh, a silent bombardment.

A sound drums the atoms of the air and changes the room, height becomes light,
The sounds is deep and penetrating, the earth vibrates and worships the sonic hail.
A sapphire shape is disturbed and panics every morsel of my skin.

My voice tightens and the sound dissipates, my dream is interrupted.
Eyelids flutter and deepest navy cycles the rainbow as dust settles dead to the floor.
A shadow is eradicated as day seizes her by the hair and drags her from my side,
The world becomes my own again as I trace a sapphire kiss etched into my lips.

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