Monday, 28 September 2009


Along a lighted string I find my way peering at the world through listless eyes.
Rough texture of the string or rope grazing my hands, sometimes tickling me;
I might wrap myself up in the rope if only to find a moment’s stasis,
And a trickle of greasy green water meets my fingers as it rides down the rope.
Behind and in front of me yards and miles of rope, no time to stop
And take in my journey, I am compelled to move forward, I am pushed through space.
The path refracted though my choices, my moments of clarity
Green is the world again, I don’t recognise the air as it holds to its own course;
Everything with its place, everything harmonious and I feeling in the middle,
Feeling stifled, a cycle is in motion around me and I cling on tight to my guide.
Peace is a steady gaze ahead.

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