Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Phone Call


A:        Hello?

B:        Oh hello, who’s that? Is it jack or Stephen?

A:        It’s Stephen, hello granddad, how are you?

B:        Oh I’m alright.

A:        And how is nanny?

B:        I went to see her and she looks really well, couldn’t believe it.

A:        That’s great so the operation went well?

B:        Yeah, she looks great, she’s a tough old bird.

A:        She certainly is.

B:        She’s got a button next to her bed she can push if she needs any drugs                      for the pain.

A:        That’s good, is she very sore?

B:        Well she’s only used the button once, she’s a tough old bird, I think     it's morphine, something very strong:

A:        I’m pleased that it’s gone well, you’ll be missing her.

B:        She looks great, they are very strong drugs they are giving her, I think it’s morphine, its either __morphine or heroine, something like that, something very strong.

A:        Right, I think its probably morphine.

B:        Yeah something like that. Your dad in yet?

A:        No but he will be in about ten minutes so I’ll get him to call you then.

B:        Yeah alright then, was nice to speak to you.

A:        You too, see you soon.

B:        Yeah, Bye!

A:        Bye Granddad!

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